Who We Are

Elyon is a socially and environmentally conscious company based in Singapore providing innovative and cost-effective business, climate and digital solutions to businesses and individuals. Our aim is to delight businesses and individuals with our solutions, meeting their needs while responsibly manage Earth's finite resources.

We firmly believe that all companies should aim to provide products, services and experiences that genuinely benefit customers and the local community, while seeking to minimise downsides to the environment.

What We Do

We provide consultancy, products and services, both proprietary and 3rd-party to help business and individuals with their business, climate and digital problems.

Can we delight customers, help the underprivileged while staying financially and environmentally sustainable?

I believe we can.

Never under-estimate the power and determination of the human spirit.

Career Opportunities with Elyon

We are a socially and environmentally responsible company who passionately cares about helping the underprivileged, elderly and people with disabilities (PwDs) in Singapore. By operating as such a company, we seek to create a virtuous cycle to help like-minded businesses stay competitive and financially sustainable.

If you believe in the same cause and are keen to work with us, please send your resume to [email protected].

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Digital Marketing Specialist