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Getting solar films installed on your home or office windows may just be the easiest and smartest way to reap immediate benefits while saving the Earth!

Not only do solar films reduce energy consumption and cooling costs, which mean greater financial savings for you; they also block out harmful UV rays from hitting your skin or cause fading in furnishings.

The technical specifications of our most popular solar film options with their indicative costs are available below:

Maximum Heat Rejection Optimal Comfort Maximum Light Transmission
UltraNano Ceramic Nano Sputter UltraNano Sputter
10~15% visible light 41~60% visible light 62~72% visible light
75% heat rejection 43~60% heat rejection 43~55% heat rejection

Get a complementary 10-year extended warranty

Reflecting the dependable and robust testing procedures that our films undergo, we provide a standard 5-year warranty for our window films against installation defects such as peeling, bubbling, shrinkage or delamination. Under the right conditions, quality films like ours can last for as long as you own your home.

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