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Webhosting is no longer an option for business owners and digital creators today - it's a necessity.

People turn to the internet when searching for products or services, so your business must have a reliable and easily accessible website for potential clients to find. Even a simple webpage that lists your business location, contact information, and hours of operation is invaluable, and gives your business an air of legitimacy if you did not have a website.

We strike a balance between pricing and features, offering bespoke services that appeal to individuals, hobbyists, businesses both great and small. With our reasonably priced packages, we believe you will be able to find something to meet your needs.

Our most popular webhosting solutions are available below:

  Online Presence eCommerce Platform Enterprise Platform
Key Purpose For brand awareness, product and service offerings. For ecommerce shopping, online transactions. For enterprise-level use by both customers and staff.
Key Priority Cost Security, Performance Security, Storage, Performance
What We Provide Static webpages Dynamic webpages, ecommerce platforms Enterprise-level product suite
Content requirements Low (monthly updates) Medium (daily updates) High (realtime updates)
Technical Support Minimal (monthly backups) Medium (daily backups) Critical (realtime backups with redundancy)
Application monitoring None Yes Yes
SOC threat monitoring No Yes Yes
Dedicated account team No No Yes
DPO-as-a-service optional (fees apply) optional (fees apply) No
CISO-as-a-service optional (fees apply) optional (fees apply) optional (fees apply)

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